Our next seminar will be on October 9, 2019!

6pm, Cannon Room, Building C, Harvard Medical School

Pizza and Beer will be provided after the talks. 


Energized transcription elongation: structural and functional characterization of allosterically activated mammalian RNA Polymerase II
Seychelle Vos, Assitant Professor, Department of Biology, MIT
Engineered Ribosomes for Novel Antibiotics Discovery​​​​​​​
Ahmed Badran, Broad Fellow, Broad Institute
How Distinct Lineages Give Rise to the Same Cell Type
Karolina Mizeracka, Postdoctoral Fellow, Heiman Lab, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hosptial


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  • kymograph

    Bacteria in the mother machine

    Bacteria growing and dividing under constant conditions in microfluidic channels –– Nathan Lord, Harvard University

  • emrbyo

    Patterning the anterior-posterior axis of the fly embryo

    The even-skipped expression pattern is driven by the coordinated action of five enhancers –– Ben Vincent, Harvard Medical School

  • synthetic epigenetics

    Synthetic Epigenetics

    Manipulating the epigenome – Ahmad (Mo) Khali, Boston University

  • image

    Aggregating fluorescent slime mould

    Linking single-cell signaling dynamics to group behaviors - Sygro Lab, Boston University