Join us for our first seminar of 2020!

February 27, 2020, 6pm

Cannon Room, Harvard Medical School

260 Longwood Ave, Boston MA

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Alina Simerzin

Postdoctoral Fellow, Lahav Lab, Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School

"Quantitative analysis of p53 dynamics in breast cancer spheroids"


Constantine Mylonas

Postdoctoral Felow, Boyer Lab, Departments of Biology and Biological Engineering, MIT

"A dual role for H2A.Z.1 in modulating initiating and elongating RNAPII dynamics"


Anders Sejr Hansen

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT

"Dynamics of 3D genome organization in live cells at single-molecule resolution"



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Thursday March 19: MIT


Tuesday April 14: BU


Thursday May 28: HMS



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  • kymograph

    Bacteria in the mother machine

    Bacteria growing and dividing under constant conditions in microfluidic channels –– Nathan Lord, Harvard University

  • emrbyo

    Patterning the anterior-posterior axis of the fly embryo

    The even-skipped expression pattern is driven by the coordinated action of five enhancers –– Ben Vincent, Harvard Medical School

  • synthetic epigenetics

    Synthetic Epigenetics

    Manipulating the epigenome – Ahmad (Mo) Khali, Boston University

  • image

    Aggregating fluorescent slime mould

    Linking single-cell signaling dynamics to group behaviors - Sygro Lab, Boston University